Some men have decided to create a Weirdo Directory, full of photographs of people for whom trousers and jumpers simply won’t do unless they are SHINY SPACE TROUSERS THAT DON’T FIT and jumpers with BITS MISSING because they’ve just had a LEVEL 200 FIGHT.


That’s Rob, Kez and Peter. Not sure which one is Rob and which one is Peter, but Kez is the one using the pretend name so people like us can’t find her on the internet to ask for MORE PICTURES OF YOUR SHOES.


From the book. The book has web sites. Good luck, book. Good luck, girl. Just remember, it may seem cool to lose your virginity to a 45-year-old man dressed like a wolf in a London Travelodge, but in 20 years time you’ll wish it was a bit more of a special moment.