What use is a photograph of Pixie Lott doing something games-related that only comes at 450 x 300? No use at all. They won’t get any free publicity out of this.


Usually when we see scenes like this all the men are aggressively wanking themselves erect in preparation for their turn. They probably still are, only very subtly.

Pixie’s new video is a world first, which sees her perform her number one single ‘Mama Do’ as a duet with her virtual self in English and Simlish (Simlish being the language the characters speak in the game).

Pixie’s Simlish recording of ‘Mama Do’ appears in the new videogame, The Sims 3 World Adventures, which allows players to take their Sims to famous real-world inspired destinations to conquer challenges, find treasures, discover what’s lurking in hidden caves, and much more with the first ever Sims adventure gameplay. They’ll be able to tune into Pixie’s track whenever they want too.

Pixie Lott said, “I think it’s really cool to have a song play on the radio, on TV and now in The Sims 3 World Adventures! You can go over to a radio in the game, and select to play the Simlish version of my song ‘Mama Do’, and even better you can take that radio with you anywhere you go within the game and hear my Simlish song. I think it’s funny that people will be listening to my tune while they are exploring tombs in Egypt!”