If the fabric is rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’ – I’m rocking backwards and forwards in my van because I’ve just lost all my savings on the stock market and got made redundant last month, although I am still leaving the house at 7.55am every day so it looks like I still have a job.

Spotted by a “Darren” who concocted the sort of half-baked LIE we would expect to hear from a person called Darren.


“Me and my pals are hoping to make it all the way to E3 in America to see the official launch of the rocking new Dreamcast console. We reckon it will beat the new ‘funstation’, or what ever it’s called from Sony. What does Sony know about gaming anyway, it makes video players! I thought I would send you a picture of our awesome van we are using. We customized it special, hope you like it” – Darren.