Get Sonic back to the top by collecting syringes while a MIDI version of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ plays in the background. Developed by Terrier Games, which is a man called “Karl”.


MAKER’S DESCRIPTION: “Sonic starts off as an angsty, heroin-addicted wreck, living in an inner-city slum filled with graffiti and gangstas, while an inferior knock-off takes his place in a series of ever-crappier games. While waiting in line for his dole money one day, Sonic finally snaps and decides to put things right. The first few platforming levels involve getting out of the ghettos, collecting syringes to keep Sonic alive. Sonic eventually corners the modern-day Sonic Team, which turns into a giant robot. Having defeated the giant robot and thrown his clone out of a window, Sonic sets out for Tokyo, where he tracks down Yuji Naka and forces him to agree to make a new, good Sonic game. Sonic takes a detour through the mushroom kingdom to kill off Mario, before a final level set in the Green Hill Zone, where all order has been restored” – Karl.


It comes as an executable PC file. We’ve run it and it’s legitimate. Get it here. Haven’t managed to get off the first level yet, though. It needs a bit of advanced playtesting and tweaking.


That’s the game. It did only take “Karl” four days to make from start to finish. Last Friday he said he was thinking of making it – today it arrived in the inbox.


We are currently #1 and #2 on the leaderboard.


If you want to get in touch with “Karl” to discuss a multi-million pound licensing deal or to demand he stops abusing your intellectual property, contact us and we’ll forward the message. We don’t think Terrier Games has a blog yet.


Sonic The Hedgehog

(c) Terrier Games

Sonic has fallen into a spiral of drug abuse and homelessness. He now lives under a bridge in Hull with a dipsomaniac Scotsman.

You need to help get Sonic back on his feet, and back to the top!

The game has 6 levels. 5 of these are platforming levels, and 1 level is a shooting level.

The arrow keys control Sonic in the platforming sections, and your gun in the shooting section. To fire your gun, press the SPACE bar.

In the first 3 platforming levels, Sonic needs to keep himself pumped up with Heroin. If he does not inject himself every 10 seconds, he will die!

During still cut-scenes, press the SPACE bar to progress.

The game is quite hard, but is completely possible.

Good luck, and thanks for playing!