Igromir is a Russian video games show, held earlier this month. It offered a unique take on the usual tired Western expo. What we mean by that is “here are some photos of it, mostly featuring women”.


We found it while searching the internet for photos of rough women doing Bayonetta cosplay. Not that this one’s rough, we just have this idea that the Bayonetta woman will take over from Lara Croft as the woman women who are into games will dress up as, as she’s quite sexy but also has that “troublesome” midriff area covered up.


Most of the photos nicked off some bloke’s Flickr page. The rudest one is this one. She’s too rude to go on here.


It’s the Element of War girls! We certainly always associate girls in orange cheerleader costumes with PC RTS games. From left to right – Colonel Olga Kuryenko, Lieutenant Commander Tatanya Illievskya, and Field General Lady Silvava Bondarenko.


A booth girl looking at the bottom of a rival booth girl. The Russians know how to put on a show.