A bit of a blip in the copy editing department has Square Enix boasting about the Xbox 360 version of some nonsense game it’s making on PlayStation Network. This made the man so happy he had to take two photos of his screen.

At least he’s not kneeling in front of the TV at 7.30am trying to take a photo of Kate Garraway uncrossing her legs.


“We have good news from the front. We have managed to infiltrate enemy lines, modifying ‘PSN’ one download at a time, to bring glory to the cause. The reconnaissance photos are of poor quality, but the mission was fraught with difficulty. We lost some good men out there; Squiffy, Dabbers and Little Dribbler. But their efforts were not in vain” – Private Jarvis.


Private Jarvis had made the error of thinking we want any particular side to “win” this war. A complete loss for everyone and the destruction of everything and a return to grass-roots wooden hobbies is the only end game we want to see.