We seem to have become some sort of focal point for Dreamcast developers, probably because we’re one of the few sites so clearly desperate for content and incredibly unaware of “SEO” and current internet trends we’re prepared to mention “Dreamcast” in this day and age.

So here, to help UKR move a few pages further down the Google page rankings, is Irides: Master of Blocks.


The nice man from the publisher who sent us the information didn’t say if he had acquired licensing rights to the Lumines series or not.


They’re releasing a limited edition version that only consists of 144 copies. No one does “limited” like Dreamcast publishers. The maker/publisher has an extremely minimal web site here, if you want to know more.


This takes us back to when we used to like Lumines. Still like Lumines. Lumines and DS Animal Crossing mark the “Peak Gaming” period of modern mankind. It has all been downhill since.


Here’s the press release. They have resorted to saying the game is easy to learn yet tough to master. We are available for hire at competitive freelance rates to “jazz up” press releases if you’re struggling.

Dreamcast Title Irides: Master of Blocks standard and Limited Edition set for release on “Blocks Day” 12/12

Irides: Master of Blocks is an incredible puzzler game where the player has to match blocks of similar colors together to eliminate them, score points and create combos. The faster that the blocks are connected and the more blocks there are, the better the score when they are eliminated! Just like all of the great classic puzzle games, Irides: Master of Blocks is an easy concept, but one that is tough to master!

Irides: Master of Blocks contains over 30 levels of content, challenging players with different Power Blocks to either assist or hamper your progression through the game. Players can also attempt to become the Master of Blocks with a friend in Co-Op mode, progressing through the game with both players playing in the same playfield. A two-to-four player multiplayer mode allows players to face off against friends or foes to see who is the true Master of Blocks! Friends not around to play? Submit scores online to see who the best in the universe at smashing blocks is!

Want something extra special? To celebrate the 12/12 release of Irides: Master of Blocks, the GOAT Store, LLC is creating 12^2 (144) special limited edition copies of the game which will be sold only through the GOAT Store, LLC’s online web site.

The official release date for Irides: Master of Blocks will be 12/12/09.

Feature List for Irides: Master of Blocks
* Single-player Campaign mode with four difficulty levels
* Co-Op Campaign mode to play with a friend
* Multi-player versus modes to face off against up to four players
* More than 30 levels including unlockable bonus levels
* Over 15 awesome music tracks
* Region free title, supports NTSC, PAL and VGA displays
* Supports all licensed Dreamcast controllers
* Supports rumble pack accessories
* Worldwide online high score tracking
* Standard and Limited Edition versions release same day

Feature List for the Limited Edition version (only available http://www.goatstore.com )
* New cover art
* Full-color expanded instruction booklet
* Disc art denoting the game as a Limited Edition copy
* Mini-Poster for the game individually numbered and signed by the game developer
* Two inch diameter Irides: Master of Blocks collector’s coin, also individually numbered

About GOAT Store Publishing:
GOAT Store Publishing is the publishing wing of the American-based GOAT Store, LLC, a retro gaming collector shop with thousands of items in stock. The GOAT Store, LLC and GOAT Store Publishing publish and distribute independent Dreamcast products created by developers from around the world for the Sega Dreamcast console. The GOAT Store, LLC’s web site is located at www.goatstore.com

About MadPeet:
Mad Peet is a sole proprietorship, created by Florian Zitzelsberger to independently develop video games for the Sega Dreamcast and Apple iPhone. Irides: Master of Blocks is the first in what promises to be an impressive track record of fun and involving video game titles. The Mad Peet web site can be found at www.madpeet.com