The big bear is proving a hot draw. It’s not fair the way women like hairy men. If you shave him, he’ll be just like one of us. He’s nothing special. Touch us. Cuddle us. Go on. It’s for charity. Let us look at your bottom for charity.


Literally no idea who that is. The press release says she’s called “Charlie Webster”. That means nothing. She may as well be called BLONDE PERSON 56873.


Recognise this pair. They were manning Till #3 and Till #4 in our local Woolworths, until it closed. The one on the right always had to ask the one on the left for permission to sell us vodka.


And there are some photos of men. If you want them discreetly forwarding let us know. Here’s the press release and some charity links, so we feel less guilty about misappropriating these charitable images.

‘Game’ celebrities raise bus-load of cash for charity

PopCap Celebrity Play-offs score £7,000 for BBC Children in Need

Famous British faces up and down the country got their game on in the ‘PopCap Celebrity Play-Offs’ recently, to raise a whopping £7,000 for BBC Children In Need…and counting!

The national tour, organised by, was launched in London by singer-turned-celebrity-chef Liz McClarnon and travelled to Welcome Break locations across the UK. BBC Children in Need’s Pudsey Bear was joined each day by celebrities from the local area who challenged the public to climb aboard the bus and beat their top score on PopCap’s latest game Zuma’s Revenge! Hundreds of children (and their mums, dads, and even grans) hopped on board to play the game and try their best to beat the celeb!

The ‘PopCap Celebrity Play-Offs’ national tour kicked-off on Monday 26 October in Bristol with Casualty actor James Redmond, followed by Birmingham with CBBC presenters Sam & Mark. The tour then moved to Keele with Big Brother’s Sam and Amanda, Leicester with snooker player Mark Selby (AKA the ‘Jester from Leicester’), Sheffield with TV presenter Charlie Webster and Huddersfield with Emmerdale actor James Hooton, coming to a final stop in Chorley on Sunday 1 November 2009.

TV presenter Charlie Webster was the overall Zuma’s Revenge! Celebrity Champion with a whopping 180,220 points – the highest score of all the celebrities and members of the public. While Casualty actor James Redmond came bottom of the celebrity leader board – and was even beaten by members of the public – he succeeded in raising the most cash for BBC Children in Need at the Bristol ‘PopCap Celebrity Play-offs’!

The all-important results…

Celebrity Champion!
Charlie Webster, TV presenter
180,220 points
Celebrity that needs most practice
James Redmond, Casualty actor
42,000 points
Highest scoring area
102,960 points
Lowest scoring area
37,800 points
Most money raised in…

Award for best MOP (Most Outrageous Player) goes to…

Sam & Mark, CBBC presenters, for entertaining Birmingham with their wacky and wonderful ways!

“This is a fantastic way to raise money for Children in Need”, said Sam and Mark as they battled with kids in Birmingham to set the top score. “It’s really brings the fun element into fundraising and it’s brilliant for the kids to get involved. Zuma’s Revenge! is wicked – we absolutely love it and can’t stop playing it!”

All monies raised go towards BBC Children in Need in advance of the live Appeal show on 20 November 2009. These crucial pennies raised for BBC Children in Need will improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

Zuma’s Revenge! Is the newest game in the portfolio. The player takes the role of a fearless ball-shooting frog, exploring ancient temples and ruins. By firing coloured spheres into an advancing chain of balls to make matches of three or more, the frog blasts his way through a series of arcade challenges. Visit where you can play a free trial of Zuma’s Revenge! And try out lots of other free games. Remember PopCap games are not just for kids. In fact the majority of players at are over 30 and female and say playing helps reduce stress and exercise the mind.

Those people who couldn’t attend the ‘PopCap Celebrity Play-offs’ tour, but would still like to show their support for BBC Children in Need (and their favourite local celebrity) can log onto the following just giving sites to donate:

James Redmond:
Sam & Mark:
Sam & Amanda:
Charlie Webster:
James Hooton:
Mark Selby, the ‘Jester from Leicester’: