Rapidly emerging UK developer Terrier Games has listened to you, the consumer, and made a number of key changes to that Sonic game it released late last week. Youths will be pleased to hear that a “skyboarding” level has been lovingly crafted in the space of several hours, while old men who just can’t be bothered any more will be happy that it is now a bit easier.


“I have reworked the difficulty, changed a background and generally spruced things up. I have also added an extra level, where Sonic goes skyboarding. I’m a bit like Codemasters, only less of a cunt and I don’t charge for DLC that fixes things that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place” – Terrier Games.

– Increased the time limit for Sonic smacking himself up to 15 seconds.
– Put more syringes in the first few levels.
– Removed some of the enemies.
– Put some more extra lives in.
– Got rid of the awful, awful background to level two that hurt my eyes.
– Added an extra level, where Sonic skyboards into Tokyo from a helicopter.

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