Not the words of UKR, so we can’t get in trouble for posting this. They are the words of English Russia, which has got a whole load of photos of this rudeness, taken at a LAN gaming event that featured… strippers.

WARNING: The link contains some censored “tits out” shots and also some “LAN party” images, both of which might be embarrassing to have pulled out of your IT department’s log files at your next performance review.


You can tell by her shoes she doesn’t belong there, and has in fact been paid to spend exactly one hour there. She’s got some trainers and tracksuit trousers in her bag to wear home. We know how they operate.


The one on the left genuinely does not know what to do and is wishing she wasn’t there, or he was at home on his own watching a video of this all happen. Poor one on the left. The one on the right is thinking he does know what to do, and is trying to make it look like he knows what to do, just in case. Poor the one on the right. Poor everyone.