Everyone on the internet is scoffing free sweets from SEGA, except us. But it’s not SEGA’s fault. We’ve moved house four times in two years, edging further away from civilisation and reality each time. That’ll be why we don’t even get sent games from SNK any more. Even the emails of XBLA game codes seem to have dried up. Such a sorry state of affairs.

Here’s Adam with some photos of his three calendars.


“This morning was more exciting than most mornings, when Postie showed up with a large-ish box with SEGA written on it! At first it reminded me of the old days when SEGA used to send out Dreamcast stuff or whatever and it always had SEGA on the postage and it was all exciting. Actually it turned out to be this year’s OFFICIAL SEGA ADVENT CALENDAR complete with FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED CHOCOLATE. The fact Sega is making this and coming up with a unique Christmassy Sonic bit of artwork shows that there are people at Sega who DO STILL CARE, and the Fairtrade thing obviously means that SEGA still represents GOOD instead of EVIL.”


“I was very upset last year to lose to “Adam 1” in the Sega Advent Calendar Photography Competition, so this year I tried about 2% harder. I include full resolution snaps of the THREE chocolate calendars Mr SEGA sent (what the fuck’s he trying to say?), as well as a picture of the Exciting Box Arrival phase. For my hard work on this update, all I ask is that you update the Kikizo link under Friends to Video Games Daily, as that is what it’s called now. We’re currently planning an update about Shenmue 4 news, so stay tuned for that” – Adam.