This is the longest in-the-doing UKR update there’s ever been. The photos were taken and submitted by a reader in October of 2007, saved to a folder on the desktop in November of 2008 and finally uploaded to the internet on [PUT IN DATE HERE BEFORE UPLOADING UPDATE]. Quite a journey!

In that time we have:

1. Lost the original email

2. Lost the photo of the cover

3. Forgotten if there was a photo of the cover or not

So here it is. Some scans of the Sonic The Hedgehog Joke Book.


Also, several attempts at “doing” this update have ended in tragedy – the draft not appearing, forgetting to save it before closing the browser – it is almost as if this update is HAUNTED or in some way DOOMED.


That bottom one isn’t a joke, it’s more of an un-amusing fictional anecdote. Perhaps compiling this book is where Ricky Gervais cut his teeth?


Yet more proof that Sonic was never really targeted at an adult audience.


Eggs puns. It can’t get any worse than this.


More eggs puns. It can’t get any worse than this.


This has triggered a memory – the person that sent in the photos apologised on behalf of their young self for colouring in some of the drawings.


At least they didn’t go over the lines, and have shown good awareness of fish by attempting a nice rainbow effect on that pike.


This is grim.


There’s still lots to go.


Hopefully this “haunted update” will crash the server when we press “Publish”, therefore saving you all the misery of reading.


We’ve found the email – sent in by a Mr Jimmy Carr.


Goldfish haven’t got anything to do with Sonic.


We sympathise with the book’s creator. That duck joke is the final bit of writing of a broken man.


This is less fun than staring at Twitter.


Haven’t heard the “Quiche of life” one. That’s OK. That’s the highlight so far.


The horse joke is assuming too much knowledge of equine terminology.


Many apologies are in order to everyone.