The UK Christmas games chart. Very depressing. There’s nothing in here that makes us want to remember where the charger cable for anything is. It’s the same games as last year only in marginally redesigned boxes.

Games are pretty much dead. Sooner or later someone important’s going to realise this and say something in public, and there’s going to be HELL to pay.

1: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2: FIFA 10
3: Wii Fit Plus
4: Wii Sports Resort
5: Assassin’s Creed II
6: Mario & Sonic At The Winter Olympic Games
7: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
8: Forza Motorsport 3
9: Mario Kart Wii
10: Just Dance

The only vaguely different game in there is, ironically, from Ubisoft, in the form of Just Dance.

JustDance wii 1

Ubisoft, champion of originality – THAT’S how far we have fallen.