Here’s another embarrassingly old update fashioned out of things we’ve got lying about the desktop. These photos have been sitting in a zip file since August of 2008.

Here is the visual proof, along with a small glimpse of the current UKR desktop image.

sega postcards proof

We think you all realise we have neither the inclination or technical know-how to fake such data.

sega postcards photos 1

Anyway, this is what it’s all about – that ZIP file is full of SEGA post card pictures. Sent in by someone we’ve forgotten the name of. They probably stopped reading during the “Spiral Period” of early 2009.

sega postcards photos 2

And that’s the answer to today’s quiz question.

sega postcards photos 3

Sorry, the person who sent these in. You went to a lot of effort with the lovely background.

sega postcards photos 4

We have a SEGA Xtreme dream! It involves… you can probably guess. Cream, Ulala, possibly Richard Jacques if we’ve had a lot to drink, and bottoms that don’t stop hurting for at least three days. And sofa cushions that require professional cleaning afterwards. And so much lube it leaked through the floor to the flat below.

sega postcards exif data

That’s the EXIF data. The sender-inner is/was using a Lumix TZ3.