Found these while, to be honest, looking for something EXACTLY like these. We are quite excited about the Bayonetta sexy cosplay scene kicking into life. It’s like 1980s glamour porn is BACK.

bayonetta cosplay playboy 1

These were on the Flickr page of something called GamerGirls. Couldn’t determine what GamerGirls is, though. Probably a blog using one of the default pink themes with lots of men leaving enthusiastic comments beneath their mundane opinions about old games their brothers used to play.

bayonetta cosplay playboy 2

The photos were also tagged “Playboy” and we’ve no idea if that means they’re “out of” Playboy or if that’s just wishful thinking on the part of these ladies. And no offense, Chernise, but you’re more ‘Men Only’ or ’40 Plus’.

bayonetta cosplay playboy 3

Maybe one of them will leave a comment explaining the shoot?

bayonetta cosplay playboy 4

Then we can all terrify her and make her go away, probably within 30 minutes of her signing up.

bayonetta cosplay playboy 5

Anyway. Bayonetta’s out soon or maybe even out now. No idea. People are talking about it on the internet, so it must be near.