Not sure where they get the “World” bit from in “Darts World Championships”, as it mainly seems to be an in-house competition for a few northern pubs that somehow ended up on the telly. Still, is was great seeing Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams show young pretender Dave Chisnall how to cope with the pressure cooker atmosphere of the Lakeside Club in yesterday’s final.

Chisnall fell apart on the 10th set, missing some easy check outs that would’ve pulled him level with Adams. It was painful to watch. As was this, from Saturday’s semi:


“Switched on TV to see this. In a mad rush of enthusiasm I actually made the effort to rewind the TV and take a picture with the rubbish iPhone camera. Now the enthusiasm has kind of worn off and I really don’t know why I went to the effort. Maybe you can write something vaguely amusing about it?” – Mark.