Honestly the FUSS there’s been over this Sonic/Alton Towers thing. We’ve been getting three emails a day about it, but have been BRAVELY holding off mentioning it until some sort of official photography is released.

And here it is, sort of, at a very low resolution.

sonic spinball pr 1

We asked for this artwork and photos via official channels using polite, proper language, but were told the ride was still under development so they had no official photographs…

sonic spinball pr 2

Apart from THESE ONES, then? What are these photos? UNOFFICIAL paparazzi shots? We would REALLY LIKE this picture at a huge resolution. Please, can somebody with an important-sounding email address get it for us?

sonic spinball pr 3

We have a joke raring to go about Sonic finding employment in the painting and decorating industry.

sonic spinball pr 4

We’re working on an additional joke to go with this photo, which will possibly be based around Sonic padding out his CV by doing some voluntary work in the community, or perhaps that he doesn’t need overalls because it doesn’t matter if he gets blue paint on himself.