A man sent this in, which is ALLEGEDLY a photo of some Sonic-branded pyjamas he spotted in UK high street retail chain New Look. Can anyone with a camera handy pop into New Look and confirm? We need a bit more detail to confirm size and scale, and if they’re boy or girl pyjamas.


“Here’s a fairly crappy shot of some Sonic flavoured PJs spotted in New Look (or ‘Ooh Look’ as no one calls it). I also sent in the picture of an actual man with a Sega bag at a Scottish festival which it only took a year after sending it to appear on the site. I look forward to a Sonic Jim Jams update early in 2011″ – Robbie.

Never mind, here they are!


They are pyjamas for men. Although it remains possible that some girls might be sleeping in them tonight, or, more likely, queuing up at the RETURNS desk of their local New Look with them so they can buying something they actually like that fits instead.