They’ve made an error in not capitalising the ‘t’ in Sonic The Hedgehog. We shall take this complaint to the TOP – ie, maybe leave a comment on Major Nelson’s blog, if he’s still got a blog.

Classic Sonic – press one button and it’s all over in a few seconds.

I went for sonic

“Whilst playing ‘1 v 100’ on Xbox Live tonight, with the quiz subject being ‘The 90s’, this question popped up: (see attached image, full size no resizing, DIRECT from the camera for all your EXIF-spying). I am not Gronanbarbarian or Gronanbarbar or JoRDANQuINNN, these names are far too crazy for my liking, all the kids do it these days. I was dominating the 90s questions with three safetys in the bag. Those punks never knew what hit them. All four of us got this question right anyhow” – Sam.