Found this on the “news wires” while looking for photos of men in suits. Some of you might like it. You can see her toes, and she’s been reduced to the level of compliant product.

She’s little more than a bit of meat thrown on a sofa to help shift units.


We have nothing to say about fashion.

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Or Beyonce. Find her odd mixture of “I like Jesus” and “Look at my sexy bottom and buy my recordings” very difficult to compute. She’s unsettling, like a nine-year-old girl wearing mummy’s heels and makeup.

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So we did have something to say about Beyonce after all. Preferred her in Destiny’s Child, though.

Nintendo News: Beyoncé and Nintendo Expand Partnership to Promote Fashion and Fun in 2010

REDMOND, Wash. — Fans of Nintendo’s fashion-themed Style Savvy game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi™ systems will have access to some hot new designs this year, thanks to an expanded partnership between Nintendo and renowned entertainment icon Beyoncé. Style Savvy players with broadband Internet access will soon be able to download five designs from the real-life Deréon clothing line co-created by Beyoncé and her mother, designer Tina Knowles. As managers of their own virtual boutiques, players can incorporate these chic Deréon fashions as they create one-of-a-kind looks for their in-game clientele.

“I love that I get to become a stylist and take over my own boutique, and it’s so much fun to see some of my Deréon designs added to the mix.”

“Style Savvy is all about creativity and fashion, both of which are really important to me,” says Beyoncé. “I love that I get to become a stylist and take over my own boutique, and it’s so much fun to see some of my Deréon designs added to the mix.”

The burgeoning partnership between Nintendo and Beyoncé began in 2009 with a memorable ad campaign for Rhythm Heaven™, a music-themed game for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. Known for her innovative sense of style, the talented musician and actress is an apt spokeswoman for the imaginative, fashion-forward fun of Style Savvy. Fans will get a unique glimpse into this relationship with the launch of two new Style Savvy TV spots starring Beyoncé, both scheduled to begin airing on Nickelodeon the week prior to this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and during the event itself.

After launching in November, Style Savvy enjoyed a warm reception among holiday consumers, giving fashion buffs and female gamers of all ages a remarkable new way to experience the portable fun of Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. Beyoncé’s upcoming promotional efforts and downloadable Deréon designs are set to sustain the game’s momentum well into 2010.

Style Savvy invites players of any age to express their individual sense of style by managing a virtual clothing boutique. Choosing from more than 10,000 items in a wide variety of styles, designer labels and price points, players can create distinctive looks to satisfy customers with various tastes and budget constraints. Using the simple controls of the hand-held Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi systems, players can enjoy Style Savvy anytime, anywhere.

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