This is an astonishing find. This is one of THOSE FINDS. This is a man with a metal detector unearthing £24m of gold coins beneath the surface of a recently ploughed field.

Behold, a virtually complete SEGA arcade machine manual depository, from the glory days until now. Some of the PDF files are enormous – please only download the ones you really want, else poor old SEGA Total Solutions will find itself with a broken web site.


“Ever wanted a manual for a SEGA coin-op? Well SEGA is now giving them away for download in PDF/TIFF format if you go to this website. So, if like me you always wanted a poorly-scanned copy of the Daytona USA coin-op manual, SEGA has once again made your dreams come true!” – Simon.


There’s a 96MB technical schematic of the OutRun2 cabinet up there! This is from the OutRun2 SP parts listing manual. Such riches!


Lubrication advice, from the manual for the upright arcade version of Route 66. Simon, you have made what will be remembered as the best SEGA-related discovery of this new decade.


Go on, make it sound REALLY mundane.