That headline comes from a half-broken translation service page here. We presume it means SEGA has thrown its last remaining money behind an EVEN BIGGER amusement arcade, presumably hoping the reason arcades are dying is because they haven’t been quite big enough previously.


“Hello, here some pictures about the new Club Sega opened… today! There are some nice faces in a picture, the red palace is cool but usually I prefer the old signs that we can see in the old closed arcades” – Shark.


Thanks, Shark. Thanks for attempting English and finding the photos.


These are the “nice faces in a picture” he mentioned.


Of course, the real reason arcades are dying is because they’re full of money-sucking pieces of shit like this. UFO catchers as far as the eye can see. More UFO catchers is not the answer.


We wouldn’t mind if they didn’t all leave the factory deliberately broken.