Remember the bizarre Sonic-themed Alton Towers business? Turns out the Sonic-branded hotel room exists, and has been designed as a chamber in which the worship of Sonic 4 takes place. It is an advert in hotel room format, basically.

Here are some slightly too dark photos, taken from Sonic Stadium and coming via the suite’s inhabitant’s Twitter thing.

sonic hotel room 2

Sadly the visitor didn’t report on what the in-room TV pornography options are. That’s always the first thing we check out when visiting any hotel room, even before we see what kind of free shampoos there are.

sonic hotel room 1

There’s another amazingly detailed gonzo report over at “Girl Gamers” in which they take millions of photos of the entire day.

sonic hotel room 3

They also say they were invited by SEGA. We were not invited by SEGA. Why would that be, SEGA?

sonic hotel room 4

Presumably we weren’t invited because the room is all new and they didn’t want it staining in any way, and didn’t want the towels being wanked into.

sonic hotel room 5

Or maybe we’re just out of yet another loop.

sonic hotel room 6

Maybe this was the photo that illustrated what kinds of in-room pornography is available?

sonic hotel room 7

UKR FACTS: We are sad not to have been invited to this. We would’ve bothered replying to the email and might’ve even gone. But wouldn’t have mingled with anyone else.