The laughably useless “plot” area of the Sonic 4 web site is… very poor. As in, written by someone not entirely au fait with assembling words. We have screencapped it, for posterity.

sonic 4 plot 1

We weren’t going to mention this at all, until we saw the use of “fly’s” in this bit. Putting the apostrophe there makes it mean something that belongs to a fly, or worse still, a shortened version of “fly is”.

sonic 4 plot 2

Bizarre sentences, made worse through random comma placement.

sonic 4 plot 3

“Then it was all a dream and mum came in with some fresh biscuits”.

sonic 4 plot 4


sonic 4 plot 5

Although… perhaps we are once again over-analysing a product aimed at children?

sonic 4 plot 6

A prize to anyone who reads all the way through this one.

sonic 4 plot 7

Now we can say “We told you so” when it turns out rubbish.