Here’s one of those updates where it’s, what… 12.04pm? And we haven’t got anything else to do today so it’s EMAIL INBOX LUCKY DIP time.

The winner of EMAIL INBOX LUCKY DIP for today is game maker “Thor” who has made this odd little online game based around PlayStation3 “groundbreaking” “interactive movie” Heavy Rain. Or so he says. We cannot verify that fact for obvious reasons.

It’s called Press X to Jason.


Would anyone like to collaborate on making a game called “Imagine: Blogger”? We have already scripted out most of the cut-scenes.


In the game, you press ‘X’ to ask people if they are Jason. This quickly becomes monotonous and the replayability score is therefore 4/10. The graphics are mostly 2D and therefore it only gets 2/10 for visualability. Soundplay is 3/10.


As ever, the online scoreboard is riddled with cheats.