We got sent this photo of some bananas. Several times. We suspect (well, KNOW) it’s a promotional activity from SEGA, but the submitter seems to be suggesting he just happened to spot them on some bananas in his kitchen.

We replied asking “Are they promotional SEGA bananas you got from SEGA?” and he replied sending another photo taken at a higher resolution. So here it is. We’ll probably never get to the bottom of this.

monkey ball banana adverts

“Some game with some kind of animal from some weird company published on that strange white thing that I found out about when I was about to eat a banana. As you can see those bananas spent some time at my kitchen and I only noticed now that there is…(insert previous sentence)” – Dmitry.

“The Monkey Ball stickers on Dole bananas are a real thing. My girlfriend was cooking dinner last night and I saw one on a freshly purchased bunch from the Safeway in Redmond, Washington. I wanted to jump up and down and say “AHHH MONKEY BALL!!! I LOVE SEGA” and start singing one of the raps from Metropolis Street Racer but managed to contain myself. I think the banana was significantly more delicious than other non-SEGA-branded bananas though” – Colin.