Man found this somewhere else on the internet. Possibly in the UKR archives, as we’ve finally given up trying to keep track of what’s out there. Brain’s finally run out of space for remembering what colour of Sonic clone was used to advertise what brand of sportswear in what country in 1997.

And why Sonic? What needs to be fast about a gherkin? Are they suggesting the [THING GHERKINS ARE MADE OUT OF, POSSIBLY CUCUMBERS] were picked really fast and pickled really fast and shipped really fast to ensure the ultimate in freshness?


“Hello. I thought you might be interested in this picture I found on the internet.┬áIt’s not THAT interesting but I thought you might want to use it if you have a ‘slow news day’ (there seems to be a lot of them) after the PS3 debacle ends. It would seem that Sonic (or his evil evil twin, judging by the extra head-spikes) is now selling pickles for Ogorki. I’m not sure why he would do that. Perhaps as a publicity stunt. Or perhaps this is, in fact, Episode 2 of the upcoming Sonic 4. I tried to think of an amusing Sonic/pickle pun but I just ate (not gherkins) so I’m tired” – Oli.