Hopefully this is just the stylish Japanese PlayStation Move photography, and Sony Europe is, at this very moment, renting a recently modernised converted riverside loft-style apartment and thumbing through brochures of models for the EMEA LIFESTYLE shoot.

playstation-move-photos 2

Nice disclaimer. Big, readable text. Wouldn’t want to go issuing press shots that turn out to be COMPLETE LIES again, eh?

playstation-move-photos 3

Of course, you can also play it while sitting down, occasionally flicking your wrist with disinterest.

playstation-move-photos 4

That looks like fun. It’s like waving your arms about. Whenever we start to feel a bit bored, there’s nothing we like more than standing up and flailing our arms about for 20 minutes.

playstation-move-photos 1

PLAN: Knuckle down and ignore all games for the next five years.