Middle-east terrorist group Hezbollah is funded by the sale of PlayStation2s and Sony cameras in the region. This is according to Kotaku and the Miami Herald, two proud independent news organisations that would not lie simply to get internet traffic.

“Safadi and two Miami-Dade freight forwarders, Ulises Talavera and Emilio Gonzalez-Neira, face terrorism-related smuggling charges alleging they secretly exported a total of $720,000 in Sony PlayStation 2 consoles and Sony digital cameras to the shopping center between 2007 and 2008. U.S. authorities say the Galeria Page Mall, in Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este, served as a front for financing the Middle East terrorist group, Hezbollah” – Miami Herald.


Sony has now been accused of aiding international terrorism so many times it MUST be true. Picture from Game Politics. Story submitted by “Hugo”. All links hurriedly botched together by UKR.