Has nothing to do with Sonic. It’s like when we used to think it was funny to put up photographs of Carol Vorderman or Anna Kournikova. It just doesn’t make any sense.


“I was walking to work the other day when I came across these posters on two successive newspaper boxes. Obviously someone is promoting the Kings and Queens mash up featuring DJ Quinces pretty heavily. I’m not entirely sure what the event is although I know Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is the home for ‘Queer Theatre’ in Toronto so I assume the event is, at the very least, a bit gay. I’m also not familiar with DJ Quinces. For all I know he/she may be a student DJ and therefore not even a real DJ. It’s also unclear how Sonic is involved” – James.


Perhaps “Buddies in Bad Times” refers to the current gaming malaise in which Sonic and friends currently fester, hence the use of the art?