Lil Wayne, a man whose output we are not averse to when it comes on during Chart Show TV’s Hip Hop Download Chart, if truth be told, has a secret. To do with SEGA and ten years ago.

We have covered up the nipples and belly button, also reducing the picture width from our usual 450 pixels to a less glaring 250, so you’ll need to look hard.


“Today – while doing my daily session of watching nude pictures of rappers on the internet – I discovered something that may (or may not) be of interest to you. Among this beautifully executed body art is a small DC logo. I attached a picture helping you to find it without having to stare at the pic as long as i did. Sincerely, your fan kraut” – Tobi.


Wound looks fresh, so perhaps this is Dreamcast 2 related? *SIGH*