Sony’s found yet another groundbreaking use for its Home folly. People put on costumes and do dancing manoeuvres within its empty buildings. We doubt this is what Alan Turing visualised the future would look like when he specced-out his early ‘computer’ concepts.


It’s possibly supposed to be ironic, but this is American teenagers we’re talking about so in all likelihood it’s being taken extremely seriously and people are going to get shot over the outcome.

AVP- Ultimate Showdown on Playstation Home

After battling it out across the universe, Aliens, Predators, and Marines will face off once again in PlayStation Home in the deadly art of dance. Yes, dance. Starting tonight at 6pm (Pacific Time) in the Central Plaza, players can show off their expertly choreographed moves in an Alien, Predator or Marine costume. Even if you don’t own any of the Aliens vs Predator Home gear (and why not!), come out and support the Home community and you could walk away with an Aliens vs. Predator art item for your apartment to be given out randomly at the event!

Special thanks go out to Jersquall and the entire Home Community Volunteer group for making this possible! Show your support and give them a round of applause, we’ll see you tonight for the event!