Let’s make it clear that we are IN NO WAY laughing at the degenerative brain disease Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or its sufferers, nor are we ‘taking it lightly’ at all. However, that said, it’s nice to know there are other organisations out there that are dedicated to eradicating PSP.

We have unknowingly been working toward a common goal.

psp t-shirts 2

“So I’m out in the field (pub in Covent Garden) on the afternoon of the London Marathon, observing all the super-fit runners with their shiny medals while having an afternoon pint for breakfast and ordering some chips. I see some girl with her boyfriend. She has this promotional t-shirt on with the letters PSP and a slogan along the lines of ‘working for a world free of PSP’. Without thinking I go up to her and ask if I can take a picture of the back of her shirt where this slogan is. She asks why, her boyfriend looking pissy. I explain it’s an in joke thing to do with the letters PSP for a mate’s website. ‘I’d rather you didn’t’, she said, ‘it actually refers to an illness, which my father suffers from. So it’s not funny'” – Adam.

psp t-shirts

If you want to give some money to a charity they have a range of anti-PSP t-shirts for sale all branded “Working for a world free of PSP”. They would DEFINITELY work ironically in a video games environment.