Obviously not what you were hoping for. It’s not even that photo of the girl without any clothes on with only a Dreamcast covering her bits that we get emailed about once a week.

It’s a man’s TV.

dreamcast three in a bed 1

“Flicking through TV channels on Wednesday night, I caught the end of something called ‘Three in a Bed‘, which unfortunately turned out to just be a polite competition between Bed & Breakfast owners.”

dreamcast three in a bed 2

“The end titles showed some of the various nick-nacks and sculptures one of the B&Bs had and suddenly I found I HAD to pause the TV, quickly rewind, pause, wait for codec to realise I didn’t want to look at a blank screen, let it play a bit more, pause it again then grab camera. Took pictures, then left camera on living room windowsill and forgot about it til this morning”

dreamcast three in a bed 3

“Just realised, I hadn’t checked 4OD – Could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble by just pointing you here. Dunno if it’s anywhere earlier in the show, but it’s in the end titles for two seconds at 47:27″ – GigerPunk.

dreamcast three in a bed 4

The EXIF examination reveals the shots were taken using an extremely boutique Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 camera. Does anyone want to attempt identifying the make & model of TV by estimating pixel counts and cross-referencing the data with placement of the power LED?