If we have done this before, we haven’t done it in this much detail or with this much backstory attached to it – so THE UPDATE STANDS.

sonic sticker album 2

“I was just putting a few pics I took up on my blog and thought I would take a few more and pass them on to you, so they can be used on a slow news day when people tire of ash clouds and oil prices.”

sonic sticker album 1

“Not sure if you have covered the Sonic sticker album before but here’s the pics, I know some people ‘love’ Amy Rose, so that’s sure to be popular.”

sonic sticker album 3

“Also it’s not a complete book so if you have any of the ones I’m missing then don’t hesitate to pass them onto me.”

sonic sticker album 4

“The photos were taken with a Sony cybershot dsc-w180 camera, for folks who drool over that type of information. I used many of the cameras features when trying to artfully take the pictures, such as flash on or flash off.”

sonic sticker album 5

“Note on the puzzle page I hardly made any mistakes and I didn’t need any outside help.”

sonic sticker album 6

“Also before I go, I hope you don’t mind if I put up a link to your page, you never know what type of weirdos frequent the pages of a rarely updated blog tho” – Garry.

sonic sticker album 7

Man called Garry? Weirdos? Rarely updated blog? Photos of SEGA things?

sonic sticker album 8

Sorry, Garry, we don’t have any of the ones you are missing.

sonic sticker album 9

Even if we did have they would’ve been burned in the Great Ceremonial Burning of 2008, which saw everything that didn’t sell on eBay destroyed.

sonic sticker album 10

That’s a nice piece of artwork, spoiled by Sonic looking much too worried by a minor collection of non-threatening badniks.

sonic sticker album 11

Have you still got the MEGA PULL-OUT WALL POSTER, Garry?

sonic sticker album 12

Robotnik’s confused here because he’s sure he packed the matches, but now he can’t find them so there’s no way to light the disposable barbecue. He literally spoils everything.

sonic sticker album 13

We would’ve saved the best one until last, but none of them really stood as as being best.