Here’s a nice thing about Manx TT Superbike from 1996, when SEGA was merrily burning through the nest-egg it built up during the previous years by paying to put its logo in places and on clothes.

team sega suzuki 2

“I was sorting through a few things at the weekend and found these two pics that I thought I would send you. They are from when we sponsored a bike team that we entered into the Isle of Man TT races to promote Manx TT on Saturn in 1996. The Riders were called Jim Moodie & Shaun Harris. They not only raced on the IOM, they also raced at Brands Hatch in the Production TT series that Jim won.”

team sega suzuki 1

“The design of the bikes & leathers were done in house by the two guys responsible for most of the cool stuff produced by SEGA in the Saturn era – Steve Cross & Mark Hartley. Didn’t overly do much for the sales of Manx TT though but it was good fun going to the races. The best bit about Manx TT was the Sheep cheat…”

“…which was born on my stag weekend in the IOM when I met Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the team who were putting the original Arcade game together, we got them pissed in a bar and convinced them to put in the level, it was ported over to the Saturn but didn’t help much with sales” – Andy.