Breaking local news from 1996, courtesy of a reader who (a) must’ve been having a bit of a clearout probably after a messy divorce brought on by his incessant gaming habits, and (b) still has access to a scanner. It’s not the top one. Even in 1996, mundane pieces about secondhand goods were deemed more interesting than SEGA news.

Well done, Janet Lowry, for producing an entirely SEGA-related games column. You’d think the SEGA Saturn was winning if you only got your gaming news from the Irvine Herald in 1996.

sega related local news

“Some time ago I sent you an image of my curtains. I saw that you thoroughly enjoyed them. So now I bring you an article from my local newspaper, almost entirely SEGA related. It dates from 1996, damn that’s nostalgic! And it makes me feel old. It was supposed to be a weekly thing, but as you can see its importance was less than that of an article headlined ‘Thrift Shop Seeks Goods’, it soon disappeared. How did I obtain this magnificent piece of history I hear you ask, through work of course, a ‘Time Traveling Adventurer’ to be exact. Lots of Love” – SolidGoldChimp.