We’ve got an hour to go until dinner’s ready, so let’s LIVE BLOG the Nintendo conference for as long as our hearts can stand it.

nintendo e3 2

We’ve already had enough.

nintendo e3 3

NEW BLOG IDEA: Men who have bought new shirts especially to wear at important events.

nintendo e3 4

Ten minutes of this. The crowd has long since been lost. Miyamoto’s controller isn’t working. This is the future of games and why we don’t currently have a plugged-in console.

nintendo e3 5


nintendo e3 6

You have to pity the “hardcore” Nintendo people in the crowd when stuff like this comes on. Do they show brand loyalty and cheer, or mock and jeer like they’ll be doing on internet forums via the hotel wi-fi after tonight’s wank marathon?

nintendo 3DS

Now a man’s complaining about how much prescription glasses cost. He’s got a point.

nintendo 3DS girls

Nervous Nintendo men about to get a go at standing near some ladies!