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dreamcast apology

“This PROMOTIONAL FILE SET, was made available to Dealers and Fans at SPECIAL DREAMCAST EVENTS. SEGA also decided to sell these for a very short time. They are no longer available and the production run was low. Most of these were used by Sega Employees and treasured by Fans due to the popularity of Mr. Hidekazu Yukawa, Sega’s Managing Director who appeared in a series of Sega Dreamcast TV Commercials in Japan. One particular TV spot showed Mr. Yukawa bowing and apologizing for being sold out of the Dreamcast in its first few weeks of release, and for not having any inventory. The one Scene that is captured on one of the Files shows Mr. Yukawa in front of the Dreamcast Logo slightly bowing to apologize to a Mob of Customers. YOU CAN VIEW THE ACTUAL TV COMMERCIAL BY CLICKING HERE.: The other File is the OFFICIAL DREAMCAST “ORANGE’ with WHITE SWIRL LOGO” and BLACK DREAMCAST TYPEFACE” – Crazy eBay man.