The 1990s were the best, weren’t they? What has the 2000s given us so far? Simon Cowell and war games, plus an aching shoulder that won’t go away. Thanks.


From reader “Al”. We remember buying a copy of ZZap! 64 in 1992, but this amazing CLASH of THINGS WE LIKE must’ve taken place way later than that. This has to be 1996. A Commodore fanzine was still going in 1996. That’s like UKR still going in 2011.


And this was sent in from reader “BKK” to help “celebrate” the 19th anniversary of the release of Sonic The Hedgehog – “Published in the weekly all formats magazine Games-X, and compiled by Chart-Track forerunner, Gallup. I believe this was the highest position a single format console game had charted in the UK up to that point”. It’s a fairly meaningless anniversary, simply the sort of thing the new-wave of SEGA blogs pretend is an important event so they’ve got something WACKY to write about today. We think.

A new entry at #4 was no disgrace in 1991, as that was back when charts were allowed to move slowly and not everything was a failure if it didn’t fly in at #1. This country, etc etc.