We like the way random, disenfranchised people occasionally use UKR to vent their rage. This rage is about Canadians boasting about their tax breaks and trying to nick UK staff at a development event.

It’s a bit over our heads, to be honest, but it might annoy a few people and make us a new enemy, and we still like doing that.

canadian passport

“Don’t know whether this news has reached you yet but a lot of us were very fucking pissed off at finding mockup Canadian Passports placed on our seats at this week’s Game Horizon in Newcastle. Put there by sponsor QuickStart Global, inside it listed all the benefits of relocating your British business to Canada – all cheekily packaged as a Canadian passport” – B.

“Myself and the other delegates were furious but not knowing the organisers didn’t know who to complain to. Excuse my language but it’s piss poor that with the current brain drain and continuous exodus of firms and talent to Canada that:

“(a) This outrageous poaching would be tolerated at an RDA funded games industry event, and…

“(b) Go unreported.”