Reader “Matt” has provided our first look at the hardware design of the upcoming Dreamcast 2.0, also confirming initial launch software plans and the console’s connectivity options.

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Shouldn’t really be contacting you like this but it feels as though some people are abandoning all hope of DC 2.0.

I can’t reveal everything, but I have attached a couple of shots of the current prototype including some of the AWESOME new controller types.

I can confirm the following:

– DC2 will be available as hardware or as an iPhone App.
– DC2 will feature a fully V.90 compliant 56k modem.
– DC2 is compatible with both the CDTV and the CD32.
– DC2 will employ an improved version of the original VMU featuring a full colour 14″ CRT display.

Unconfirmed speculation:

– Terrier Games may be approached to supply launch title.
– Final case design could be sought from Pininfarina.
– Sony have voiced concerns over their inevitable crushing defeat.

That’s all I can risk saying right now.


Thanks Matt! We’ll be along with your mashed banana and the feeding tube shortly. This picture is a surprisingly realistic vision of what we imagine most people’s gaming set-ups actually look like today.