Glen’s been back in touch. You remember Glen – odd chap, used to take photos of his computer and send them in and then we used to put them up and still don’t really know why.

Well, he went to E3 this year, and took us some photographs. And here they all are. Press ‘Page Down’ about twice and then another seven times and then another ten times to get to the ones of women. Also, it ends badly. The last photo is extremely unnecessary.

UKR - E3 00

“Even before I got there billboards for the latest titles could be seen everywhere.”

UKR - E3 01

“Off to the Sega section first.”

UKR - E3 02

“A girl. Playing Sonic Adventure. It doesn’t get better than this. (It really doesn’t get any better than this if you want to stop now.)”

UKR - E3 03

“Afterburner Climax. The line forms on the left.”

UKR - E3 04

“Man posing with Sonic statue. Thumbs up.”

UKR - E3 05

“This is the man who was taking the photo of the man posing with the Sonic statue (in the previous picture). He is taking his turn to pose with Sonic. Fondling spikes.”

UKR - E3 06

“Sonic Adventure. The controller was still warm from the girl’s touch.”

UKR - E3 07

“Blurry photo of large group of men and one girl taking pictures of a cosplay girl in a bikini spanking some rodent thing with her sword (not pictured).”

UKR - E3 08

“This one speaks for itself. It really doesn’t get better than this one for capturing the whole E3 experience.”

UKR - E3 09

“This is a photo of a robot from Battlestar Galactica (the new one) with a girl standing in front of it.”

UKR - E3 10

“This is a look at the man the girl is interviewing.”

UKR - E3 11

“These are his pants.”

UKR - E3 12

“Moving on to the Sony section.”

UKR - E3 13

“Flagship PlayStation title ‘Little Big Planet 2’. Four controllers. No takers.”

UKR - E3 14

“Nintendo section. Outdoors this year. Probably cheaper rent.”

UKR - E3 15

“I think I was spotted here…”

UKR - E3 16

“Mario packs up his arrow and calls it a day.”

UKR - E3 17

UKR - E3 18

UKR - E3 19

UKR - E3 20

“Outside. Girl with a Sonic t-shirt. On the street, so fair game.”

UKR - E3 21

UKR - E3 22

UKR - E3 23

“One more trip back to the ‘Gaming Zone’.”

UKR - E3 24

UKR - E3 25

“A quick flush and time for one more shot before security arrives. (Shot deleted when I discovered pubic hair (not mine) in the frame – Can be sent on request.)” – Glen.