We might have to declare some sort of ceasefire on enemy #2, as it looks like we have something in common with our favourite bunch of aggressive shareware salesmen after all.

UKR 04

“Today was an exciting day. Today was the start of the three-day Eurogamer Expo 2010 and Captain Whoops was there to bring you all the action”

UKR 05

“To be honest there wasn’t much action other than lots of Emo kids walking around”

UKR 01

“For your visual pleasure we have not one but three photos of a crashed PS3 at the LittleBigPlanet 2 booth”

UKR 02

UKR 03

UKR 06

“The SEGA recruitment booth in all its dull glory was hidden in a corner behind the dreaded Train2Game booth, of which we have 3 photos”

UKR 07

“To finish us off we have the Train2Game Booth ‘Babes’ walking around with their see-through pants on…”

UKR 08

“…well they were see-through after I switched the flash to full power” – Captain Whoops.