Some kids got a bit confused about their decades and ironic references.

“There’s a new nightclub built around the general theme of Margaret Thatcher apparently, which is like building a theme park around the concept of getting to the till in the supermarket and realising you need to go get cash out of the machine, and having to walk back after your withdrawal to an impatient till line giving you the stinkeye.

“As you might expect from a nightclub modeled on Maggie, it features rudimentary graffiti drawings of Mr. T, who few realise was a fairly marginal Tory backbencher under the reign of the Iron Lady.


“The walls are also decorated with other our most beloved pop culture icons, such as the sensational William Hague and a particularly striking mural of the glitzy and glamorous Enoch Powell to help set the scene for a night of hedonistic delights. But the real belle of the ball is a hedgehog you know all too well! No, it’s not the one that turns up in your garden sometimes making revolting sex grunts and shitting itself when the motion light comes on, it’s Sonic, so don’t go leaving out a plate of milk and bread for him. I think they chose Sonic to epitomise the 80s, clearly overlooking the fact that Sonic first appeared in 1991 alongside an incumbent John Major. Anyway, I read it in the Guardian, on my Kindle, whilst tastefully sipping a fairtrade cappucino and listening to the new Paolo Nutini album on my iPod Touch in the business lounge of the Eurostar. I was wearing cream chinos” – Weatherbox.