‘HIT BAND’ The Wanted were there!

No, me neither, but Wikipedia says they did a song once, and they probably do other songs that Radio 1 like to play.

Leona Lewis was paid to be there as well:

You remember Leona Lewis?

She’s synonymous with all things games!

She’s so committed to the cause, that she did the theme song for one of the Final Fantasy games, 13 years after the franchise became stale.

After Microsoft stopped trying to be Nintendo, they all went backstage and played together:

Leona didn’t stay very long. Afterwards, the one on the bottom right probably made a sexually-related comment, causing the cheeky one in the middle to guffaw.

Possible new hobbies to pursue now games have gone to shit:


That’s it!

That’s all we can come up with.

Look what 25+ years gaming have done to our imagination.

We’re all doomed come 2035