From Primark, would you believe [YES, IT IS A SEGA PRODUCT IN 2010, PRIMARK IS WHERE IT BELONGS]. Here’s the scene that greeted reader “Gareth” at 16:00 hours yesterday. Gareth’s given us a lot to work with, here. This is very brave of you, G-Man.


Trousers on the bed – photographer may not be wearing trousers, or shoes.


The neat and controlled desk space of a KILLER.


Halo novelisation on shelf #3 :(




Pumpkin keyrings. Opinion neutral.


There’s nothing “essential” about Sonic The Hedgehog trousers, Primark. Branded merchandise is definitely a non-essential first-world luxury item, especially when there are still millions of children without access to clean drinking water across the planet. And AIDS and cancer. There’s still AIDS and cancer, Primark. Sort that lot out, then you can start selling your “essential” branded merchandise.


“Apologies for the photo quality, but I never claimed to be professional. I came home from work yesterday to find that someone had left these placed neatly beside my laptop. The zooming effect replicates my point of view upon finding this little gem. I wore it with my Sonic boxers and t-shirt last night. Photos to come?” – Gareth.