It’s not called Nights.
Nor does it look anything like Nights.
It doesn’t seem to be about dreams.
Or nightmares.

It’s got flying in it though.
Oh, and Yuji Naka’s directing it.

On reflection, perhaps I shouldn’t have implied it was a new Nights installment after all?

It’s slap-dash, sensationalist post titles like this that give credible gaming sites a bad name!


Don’t get too excited. It’s on the Wii and 3DS

The screen grabs don’t get any better than this either. If anything, they get worse

The photographer should’ve used the MACRO MODE

He’s tried one with the flash on to see if it’s improved things

That’s a bit better. Shame it’s the last one.

Everything was pinched from here

The game’s called Tenkuu no Kishi Rodea which probably translates to something about shooting and/or flying

It’ll turn out to be shit.