Reader comes to the rescue of current UPDATE CRISIS with extra-mile-going photographic submission. Thanks, reader. This was adrenaline to the heart. Not sure why the Justin Beiber photograph is included, unless that “JUSTIN” is also supposed to be a bit like the SEGA font?


“Every weekday morning I am forced to take a long and depressing hike up a hill to my college in Bournemouth. I always walk past this club hilariously misspelled ‘Sherbet’ and think ‘Oh wow, that’s the SEGA font.’ However due to the the mundaneness of the journey and the sleep deprivation together with the need to distance myself from the resident freaks I’ve never really given it a second thought.”


“The other day I was in a strangely chirpy mood so I stopped to take a shot of it with my extremely generic Samsung Tocco Lite. I noticed UK:R has been a little… well… yeah, recently, so I hope this floats your boat and puts a smile on your face for a second before you send it to the recycle bin or whatever.”


“I suppose SEGA has turned to a new liver destroying entertainment sector, even the colour of the sign reminds me of the Dreamcast, perhaps they’re hinting at a new hip, cool, wicked, beat, down alternative to gaming: Binge drinking to loud music. I hear it’s a fun club and does nice food, but what would a bitter, non-alcoholic ovo lacto vegetarian like me know?”


“I also found a Dreamcast logo while waiting for the number 16 bus. It looks pretty crappy… maybe SEGA are going for a dark, gritty image for the Dreamcast 2? Peace” – Shem.