It’s called Wappy.

Here’s the press release that I stole from somewhere. It’s either been written by someone who’s primary language isn’t English, or Google translate’s been employed.

“Sega has made a new Toys which is shaped like a puppy. They named the toys ‘Nintendo Wappy Dog’. This robotic puppy will be released along with Nintendo DS game console. This toy able to interact with the video game and move by itself. It can response your voice and gesture moving and glowing their body into different lights color which are placed on the Wappy Dog’s cheeks and eyes. Sega Wappy Dog has equipped with Wappy-technology which can response sound like the beeps and other noises that produced when you are playing your video game. The Wappy Dog is not only can be played with Nintendo video games but also with other games like Wappy! Wack. This robotic puppy can be personalized setting such as: chose a name and equipped them with some accessory just like a real pet, watching them grow and other. We have no idea, how much will Sega priced the Wappy Dog but they are expecting to release this robotic toy this Fall season”

My uncle had a wappy dog. He had it put down.